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Great Hope Ministries is an Ugandan indigenous Church based Organization committed to Evangelism, Education AND empowering the body of Christ to fulfill the great Commission. GHM was founded in 2004 and has been a great encouragement and linking agent to many ministries and organizations worldwide, connecting kingdom people to kingdom people, networking kingdom resources with kingdom needs. While at the same time making disciples and planting Churches.


  • Evangelism:

GHM is committed to reaching the lost for Christ, using all possible means, methods and skills. The gospel is much more needed in this generation than ever before. As it was said by our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:4-7) and the Apostle Paul (II Timothy 3:1-5), this is the time for serious believers to be serious evangelists. Every day more people die without Christ, the global hope for earthly remedies to human problems overshadow Biblical reality. The truth is that people are harassed like ship without a shepherd as state by our Lord Jesus Christ (Matt: 9:36… because they were distressed and scattered, as sheep not having a shepherd.”) If we can ask ourselves how many of our neighbors are looking for the Christ of the Bible? People have questions and are seeking for answers which only Jesus can provide. 

  • Education

Education is a key to development of all kinds. GHM is committed to establishing primary, Secondary and vocational skills training Schools. This for the purpose of giving the vulnerable children a new hope and solid foundation for their future and thus help to spread the gospel through education. In order to adequately provide quality education we look beyond classroom teaching and giving a child all that is needed to enable them to study. This includes Meals during school hours, Bible knowledge to help them be spiritually developed, home based support to help them live a conducive life at home and life skills to equip them at an early childhood stage.  

  • Empowerment

Empowering the body of Christ to fulfill the great Commission, empowering communities towards self-sufficiency, and empowering leaders of the next generation. The Church is a refuge for people who in need. It plays a big role in providing home based care and services to the needy especially the sick, orphans, widows, elderly, Disabled, the economically poor and less privileged. Unfortunately the wide body of the Church though it is so committed to do what it is called for as followers of Christ and as ambassadors of Christ in the world, lack of skill and finances has crippled the efforts of the Church. This is where GHM feels the calling to intervene. We focus on helping grassroots community/church based organizations to be able to reach their intended goals.


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